Leaving Southfields

Southfield-cvrNovel based on true events. Leaving Southfields chronicles the events of a young English Puritan, Philip Sherman, as he is swept up into the great happenings of his day. Philip’s adventures provide a unique glimpse into the hearts of those who risked everything for their faith and formed one of the largest mass migrations the world has ever seen. Philip’s family has been clothiers for generations, but his heart is awakening to something more and bubbling over with a growing faith that will drive him to do monumental things. Follow his voyage from boyhood to maturity as he is asked to leave behind his family forever. He must face all of his fears and endure breathtaking hardship. Doubt and questions persist as he walks out his destiny. Did I really hear from God? Is this the right thing to do? Will I even survive? What will the New World be like? In 1630, young believers, like Philip, came from all over England to follow their leader, Governor John Winthrop. The Governor led his followers to their New Zion awaiting them in the wilds of America. Freedom from the tyranny of the crown and the Church of England, freedom to worship as they saw fit, freedom to work, thrive and prosper as part of the community that would become Boston. All of that is promised, but three thousand miles of ocean stands between the Puritan’s and their dreams of freedom. Join Philip Sherman as he provides a first hand account of this amazing adventure that laid the foundations for America. Leaving Southfields is the first part of a three part series. Look for the next two parts Zion Lost and Remembering Pocasset coming soon.

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