moxie1The only adventures Moxie Malekin ever had were found in the pages of good books where she discovered worlds of intrigue, danger, and love. These stories were the exact opposite of her real life. There, she simply wished to fit in and be a normal girl.But no such luck! Her mother died when she was young, and her father’s job as a university professor kept them ever on the move. Moxie always felt like the new girl, an outsider.

But in one single moment, everything she ever knew changed forever. Her father—in his obsessed search for the lost city Atlantis—had gone missing! The life she’d known lay shattered at her feet—and for what? A silly obsession with lost worlds and false realities! Now she was being shipped off to distant relatives in England. Moxie had no idea what adventures lay in wait for her across the sea.

Moxie is a gripping story for young adults that begins on a journey across continents and on into other worlds. Hang on to your hat and buckle up—because where you’re going the strangest of things can happen at any minute. Animals may talk, and horses may fly. Elves will slay dragons, and a sorcerer will conjure up madness. And one unlikely young man will rise up to take his place as king, restoring peace to a broken nation—all because of a girl named Moxie.

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