Spilt Milk

SpiltMilk_FP_CoverMost people look upon the Amish with curious interest. They live such simple lives. Rejecting the modern way of life and living like times long gone. To the outside world their way of life looks sweet, pious, and slower-paced. They appear to have something most Americans only dream of, peace.

For Martha Stoltzfus being born Amish was nothing more than a curse. A never-ending nightmare with no way to wake. She watches the fast cars fly down her dusty road and she has a different dream. A dream of the wind in her hair as a handsome young man takes her hand. A dream that would take her anywhere but here. Anywhere far away from her prison. She knew it was a fantasy. She knew she’d never get away. She couldn’t leave her little sisters anyway. She was the only thing protecting them from him. It was her price to pay. Her cross to bear. She knew her life was forfeit, but in her mind she would dream of wind in her hair and a fast car and freedom.

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