The Strange Happenings at Marie’s Lake

eBook by SC ShermanMickie McFarlane just wanted to be left alone. He was tired of L.A. Tired of being famous. He was looking forward to a year in the mountains. Just his wife, his dog, and the great outdoors. Elk season was here and he was going out solo. Each day his anticipation grew. He was in search of the “Ghost King” of the Rockies. He knew where to look where no one else knew. It was a secluded high mountain lake. He called it Marie’s Lake. Mickie had no idea what would happen out there beyond the ridge. He had no idea what he would find in the high country. No one else would believe it either. He didn’t care if no one believed him. His only hope was to make it out alive. The events captured from his journal are retold here.

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