S.C. Sherman

Steve Sherman

S.C. Sherman grew up on a farm in rural Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications Studies. He still lives in Hawkeye country and enjoys family life with his wife Amy, and their four children, Mollie, Cole, Brock and Sariah. S.C. Sherman has written across several genres, including spiritual thrillers, a historical fiction trilogy based on a true story, a young adult fantasy, and more recently a political thriller followed by a modern day western!

His first novel Leaving Southfields, won Best Christian Historical of 2007. Sherman won the Mentorship Award from Mortimer Literary for his work with the young adult fantasy, Moxie. His novels Hell and Back and Mercy Shot and Lone Wolf Canyon garnered Sherman a reputation for being willing to push  boundaries by writing upon “edgy” topics. He even took a foray into the thriller/horror world with the terrifying Seven Days and Six Nights!

His latest release Beer Money published by Post Hill Press,  is no exception. Enjoy them all and be sure to join in the fun by “Liking” the S.C. Sherman facebook page @scsherman to keep up with new releases and fun banter!

He loves larger than life stories that keep you guessing and move your soul. Look for more titles to be coming soon. Check out all S.C. Sherman’s works.